• Green waste bins are a cheap and convenient way to keep up with yard waste.
    Make a habit of filling it up every 2 weeks to maximize savings.
    Don't have one? Call Waste Management at (530) 274-3090.
    Their largest size (96 gallons) costs ~$10.62 per month, and smaller sizes are even less.

  • Grass Vally Fire Defense Codes
    Have questions about local codes? Contact Grass Valley Fire Dept. (530) 274-4380 or

      • Trim or clear vegetation 3' from pavement, with 13'6" vertical clearance for emergency vehicle access

      • Limb trees up to 6'. Cut trees back 10' from chimneys

      • Cut dead wood out of trees and shrubs near homes or sheds

      • Clear dense brush patches

      • Thin by limbing up and maintaining gaps between plants or by removing plants

      • Focus on extra flammable species like manzanita, juniper, cedar, etc.

      • Blackberry patches are not allowed unless actively maintained for fruit

      • Avoid "ladder fuels"

During fire season:

  • Clear roofs of leaves and branches

  • Mow weeds and grass to 4' or less

  • Lots 1 acre or smaller, maintain entire lot

  • Lots > 1 acre, maintain at least 30' border around property line and structures