We are a newly-formed community group in Grass Valley, California, in the Washington/Hill area. Spurred by the disastrous fire seasons of 2017 and 2018, we organized this group to discuss fire safety concerns and find solutions together to reduce our collective risk.


  • Talking to each other and finding common ground

  • Signing up for Evacuation alerts

  • Identifying & maintaining evacuation routes

  • Understanding city codes

  • Establishing defensible space and making our homes fire resistant

  • Community workdays

  • Finding resources to help each other

  • Educating ourselves on how to most effectively reduce fire risks

  • Talking & working with local officials


We earned a grant for a community green waste haul-off.

Dozens of us worked to haul off 65 cubic yards of curbside green waste from 18 properties, and assist 3 elderly or physically disabled community members with their properties.

Relaxed afterward with pizza and potluck.