Washington Hill Fire Coalition

Welcome to the Washington/Hill Neighborhood Fire Coalition in Grass Valley California.

To join or for more information, visit: 100 Bawden and find flyers posted there

Evacuation Alerts

  • Sign up for CodeRed, the county's emergency alert system. They will call, text and/or email alerts & evacuation orders. Ways to sign up:

    • Use the online signup

    • Text READYNEVADACOUNTY to 99411

    • Call 211 or 1-833-DIAL211 from a local number (503 area code)

  • Get an emergency weather radio with battery backup

  • In the event of an actual evacuation alert, please blow a boat horn, bang on neighbor's doors, or honk your horn as you drive out.

  • More details are in our Neighborhood Evacuation Fact Sheet

Fire defense Information



  • Green waste bins are a cheap and convenient way to keep up with yard waste. Make a habit of filling it up every 2 weeks to maximize savings. Don't have one? Call Waste Management at (530) 274-3090. Their largest size (96 gallons) costs $10.62 per month, and smaller sizes are even cheaper.

Our Organization

We are a newly-formed community group in Grass Valley, California, in the Washington/Hill area. Spurred by the disastrous fire seasons of 2017 and 2018, we organized this group to discuss fire safety concerns and find solutions together to reduce our collective risk.

Our topics so far:

  • Talking to each other and finding common ground

  • Signing up for Evacuation alerts

  • Identifying & maintaining evacuation routes

  • Understanding city codes

  • Establishing defensible space and making our homes fire resistant

  • Community workdays

  • Finding resources to help each other

  • Educating ourselves how to most effectively reduce fire risks

  • Talking & working with local officials

Our history



We're located just north of downtown Grass Valley. This map shows our current boundaries. We may expand to the south, depending on neighbors' interest and how much energy we have for outreach.